Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hi guys..Valentine means spending time with your loved ones, though a beautiful rose and a chocolate wouldn't hurt.

Fashion-wise it can have a little dark touch to it at least that's how I see it, but pink is still the star for the day.

Anyways...screw he 14th of February...I love you everyday!!!...Happy Valentines everyone!!

Dress no label
Necklace no label
Bag by Alexander Wang
Shoes by Zara

Friday, 31 January 2014

Gong Xi Fat Choi!

Gong Xi Fat Choi!! much as I hate waking up early but in the afternoon when you see all the smiles and the happy becomes an exciting day..and one of the perks for celebrating this is the ang to the pao yo! its awesome that by being a single chinese gal no matter how old you still get it and intriguing tho how the numerals are decreasing from each angpao LoL...

Monday, 27 January 2014

Colours! Vibrant Colours!

Dress by Lipsy
Blazer by Stradivarius
Shoes by Zara
Bag by Chanel
Necklace by Strings and things

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Church Army Feel

Hi guys, Happy New Year to you all!!, now here's my first Fashion update in 2014, hope you guys enjoy it!

Tank by Bershka
Army buttoned up shirt by Stradivarius
Pants by Joji
Watch by Cartier
Layered ring by Mango
Thunder ring no label
Rosarion necklace no label
Waistband no label
Vintage bag no label
Sunnies by Y.S.L

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Spicy Red

Spicy Red aka Lada Merah(red pepper)
Location: somewhere in the basement or lower ground of plaza indonesia.

Wondering if this is the new red pepper?(change from a foodcourt into a restaurant and change the name to bahasa) which was built there before it was torn down with omg luscious tahu petis which i cant fine anywhere now in jakarta and the amazingly yummy kupat magelang...sigh...i can go on and on..anyways back to our quite new indonesian restaurant in the mall,the kwetiau was pretty tasty but lack of something i cant quite put my finger on it. But i guess u add a lot of bawang goreng and cabe its gonna be good to eat! 
The ketan item was divine tho,sweet,savoury,creamy..really beats my sweetooth cravings for the day.

U cant go wrong ordering ketan item for dessert,never!

As you can see,im not being so creative with the choices,so i picked my old classic order gado2 which tasted not bad at all there,but u also hv other choices like karedok and pecel(the menu is much more creative than me) so for healthychoices,u have many there.

Quite interesting consist of many choices of asian to authentic indonesian foods.
For an indonesian food craving while mall ratting,this place is a way to go,ive tried the ketoprak once a long time ago and as far as my memory serves me it was also pretty tasty and has a foodhawker taste to it,if u knw what i mean...the place also decored nicely,vintage with pastel colours with an open kitchen to make it still modern..listening to oldies indonesian tunes,maybe a lil modern keroncong if im not mistaken.. 
And comfy sofa..yes thats a plus,i always sit on the sofa..

For a mall its a very reasonable price i reckon! Worth a go!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mixed Pattern

One of the most memorable day to meet with my fans, and I consider them as friends too!
Thanks everyone! it was such a nice day, and I hope it was fun for you guys too..also thank you for the gifts! I love them all!! cheers!!....

Top by H&M
Skirt by Hosanna
Maryjane shoes by Bershka
Bag by Pogioei
Necklace by Strings and Things
Ring by Bl!ng

Thursday, 5 December 2013

During Arjunas

Polkadot Top by Chic Simple
Blazer by Blanik
Leggings by Supre
Clutch by Pull & bear
Shoes by Bershka
Necklace no label